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I help executive leaders unlock their inner greatness, make lasting changes and build a thriving business and life they love.

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Hi I'm Jackie Lauer, Executive Coach and Workplace Culture Expert

Hi, my name is Jackie, nice to meet you!
I work with executive leaders that are looking to make changes within themselves and their workplace cultures.

I have 20+ years experience coaching and training leaders and organizations to make lasting changes, using the principles of emotional intelligence, positive psychology and growth mindset to create positive and lasting change. From there, we work together to achieve accelerated growth for a thriving workplace culture.

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What My Clients Have Said

  • Jackie has this uncanny ability to listen and ask you the right questions that make even the most complex challenges seem straight forward and logical! Exceptional abilities and a fantastic person!

    Pete Lawson ATS Automation
  • Jackie has a natural ability to tackle deep seeded inhibitors of professional growth while being a positive influence on day-to-day business is unique and rewarding.

    Scott Beffort Decode
  • Jackie is a born leader and an exceptional facilitator. She has a knack for bringing her personal and work experiences to the table as a volunteer and cares deeply about developing others - either directly or through impact and influence - to be their best.

    Joe Anderson TD Bank
  • Jackie provided clear leadership, and support during a busy time in a highly competitive environment. She genuinely cares, and gives you the resources, training, coaching you need to excel in your job.

    Mina Rampal Minram Consulting
  • It wasn’t until I worked with Jackie that I understood the difference between Management and Leadership. Through her vision and inspiration Jackie leads or guides you to places you would not have achieved on your own.

    Andrew Gagnon Family Inc.
  • Jackie has helped me to focus professionally. I would recommend anyone who is looking to accelerate their career to try to get some time with her! On a personal level, she has been a great friend over the years, and someone who has the ability to make me laugh!! This is something I value greatly!

    Brian Ivay Ciena